Webigo Gives Back

Webigo: Built upon helping local businesses, non-profits, schools, and charities

Webigo was designed to help businesses partner with non-profits, schools, and charities. These organizations create a totally new fundraising paradigm by turning their “ask” into a “give” and then reward their supporters with meaningful coupons, savings, discounts and more, all while engaging and benefiting local businesses. The program is totally fresh, unique, and gives business owners a powerful marketing tool for their business because customers are being driven to the business by organizations that have a vested interest in having their supporters shop at the business. Do you know of a Non-Profit School or Charity that could use a great fund raising platform? Send us their information and we will see if we can help them raise monies to help their cause.

What this means to the business is:

  • Far greater reach to many more potential customers...
  • Increased loyalty from both new and existing customers because of the support provided to their charitable organization of choice..
  • A totally viral program that expands the business customer base through social media and word of mouth advertising.
  • Plus, the business can add even further to the program by implementing our co-branded Rewards platform as part of their marketing efforts.

Beyond all this, the Webigo program is very easy to implement. We do all the work for the business. Our co-branded web sites market their products and services, participating non-profits encourage consumers to frequent the business, and the business owner can continue to do what they do best – making their customer experience the best it can be.

Our dynamic marketing approach is anchored by technology, creativity, and exclusive partnerships that deliver profit driven marketing services to each of our clients.


Our Business Give Back Program

We know business is tough now days. Businesses and individuals sometimes need a helping hand. Whether it be financial assistance, business support, or any other type of help, webigo can offer various programs to each of our individual members and business members. A member can submit their name or business and what type of support is requested to our Give Back Support Team and we will review the information for possible assistance. Please visit our Give Back Submission Page for details and how to qualify.

Be Part of the webigo Community

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