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we offer more than just social networking

Webigo provides a number of products and services to make the process of Social Networking fun again and a great resource for those who participate. A place not made up of ads, quotes and political rants. A place that makes a difference in communities. A secure online resource for friends, business associates and folks who just want more from their social interactions.

................. Personal Groups

Set Up private Groups where just you and
your closest friends can interact together.

................. Business Groups

........ Set Up private groups for industry
........ related Groups to share together.

........... Give Back Programs

..... Non-Profit Schools and Charity Groups
................ to help local communities.


Webigo has brought together some of the best resources available to make social networking a far more rewarding experience for all. As you learn more about Webigo you will be exposed to educational resources, family support, events, money saving resources of all sorts, various activities supported by local merchants and communities, and our favorite resource the "Give Back Program" helping individuals and business all over North America.


Come back to this page often to learn of new products and services as we add them to our platform.


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